Crazy Time: Spin the Wheel of Fortune

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Another point which attracts people is the possibility of winning big in that game. Regular players have a possibility to win up to 14 million euros, the last biggest win registered ever. The game will now present you with a cannon, which you can manoeuvre over each target, carefully selecting which one you want to shoot. Pull the trigger on your mouse or mobile device, and your multiplier amount will be revealed. The top multiplier on offer for this bonus is 500x your bet, so not too shabby at all, especially if you’re entering it already on a multiplier from the wheel. Due to the set-up of the wheel, it has been confirmed by Evolution Gaming that, on average, you will be in a bonus round every six spins of the wheel.

In the Coin Flip bonus game, a giant virtual coin is flipped by the host. One side of the coin reveals a multiplier, while the other side shows a double or triple symbol. If the coin lands on a multiplier, all bets placed on the corresponding segment win according to the multiplier value.

You can check them out by typing “best Crazy Time bet” or “crazy time live statistics” into the search boxes. Demo version crazy time allows you to play free, without registration and crediting of online casino account. Try the excitement and emotions of the incredible atmosphere of the real casino, try your hand at betting and try your luck in the bonus games. The Cash Hunt Bonus Game is another exciting bonus game in Crazy Time Live Casino. This bonus game is triggered when the wheel lands on the “Cash Hunt” segment.

The key point is to follow certain rules of the machine and choose the optimal strategy, which will help in getting a win in each game session. This record shows past outcomes of game, detailing where the pointer stopped, if a bonus round was initiated, and the amounts of any multipliers used. No Interaction – You can’t really interact with the Crazy Time game host.

If you placed a bet on this bonus, you will participate in the bonus game. 9 of the 54 boxes are bonus games, so on average 1 in 6 spins is a bonus game. You will definitely have a “crazy time” playing this game. The Pachinko bonus game features a large Pachinko wall with a multitude of physical pegs. The game presenter will drop a puck and the players will win the multiplier where the puck lands.

This technique involves spreading even minimal bets across all available options. Bonus games are where the big wins happen in Crazy Time. Though they occur less frequently, a successful bet on a bonus game can lead to massive multipliers. Overall, Lottomatica offers a trustworthy and enjoyable online casino experience for players of all levels.

Come giocare a Crazy Time al Casinò 1Win

Where EU9 really stands out from the crowd, however, is in the staggering breadth of its gaming options. Lucky Block may only have launched in 2022, but it has achieved a remarkable amount in a short space of time. Most notably, it has already established itself as one of the top cryptocurrency-focused casinos around. A nice, wide range of cryptos is supported here (including Lucky Block’s own altcoin), and you can even buy these directly through the casino platform.

When triggered, the ‘Cash Hunt’ bonus game allows the player to choose a symbol from a large screen that features 108 random multipliers. As the name suggests, the ‘Coin Flip’ bonus game uses a flip of a coin to determine which multiplier will be won. Evolution Gaming, a leading name in live dealer casino gaming, created and operates this live casino game. The game is only available through online casinos that have a partnership with Evolution Gaming.

With a solid understanding of the game, strategic play, and a bit of luck, it can offer hours of fun and potential wins. Although Crazy Time is a game of chance, understanding the probabilities involved can help inform your betting strategy. For example, lower numbers appear on the wheel more frequently than higher ones or bonus games. Overall, Lottomatica’s bonus offers are a great way to enhance your online casino experience and increase your chances of winning.

I often noticed Crazy Time advertisement and as always thought to play demo first and then for real money. There is no demo game, but it is possible to play without dealer. Crazy Time was doubted, because the game is new, there are not many reviews about it, and in general I treat everything new with fear.

Use the promocode FLYWINto receive 500% bonus to your first deposit at 1win! This platform supports players from Bangladesh, which makes 1win a preferred casino for this market. The house edge is 4.5%, which is relatively fair among trusted Australian online casinos. This means for every $1 you wager, you are eligible for 95.50% RTP. If the wheel lands on the bonus segments and you had placed a bet on the bonus, the wheel is spun again. For every 6 segments, you will see one bonus pocket and in total, they are 9.

To play the game, the user is required to fix the bet, after which the leader starts the rotation of the wheel. The winner is the one who managed to predict the winning section. Winning depends on how many bets and how much the player made at one time. Our site has Crazy Time stats for players, which shows turnover results and game wins.

In the Pachinko Bonus Games, players will be taken to a virtual pachinko machine. Although it is a virtual machine, it has physical pegs. The game presenter will place a steel ball from the top. Players do not need to make any predictions in this bonus game. The bonus will depend on the multiplier where the ball lands.

The game is hosted by live dealers and has its Crazy Time live in real-time to players. The objective of the game is to predict the outcome of a spinning wheel, which is divided into several sections, each with its own unique payout value. The Free Spins Bonus is also available twice on the wheel, just like the Cash Hunt. At the bottom of a purple vertical wall with 16 boxes there are random multipliers, as well as one or more “double” symbols if you’re fortunate. The host climbs up to the top of the wall and throws a puck down. It bounces off the spurs before landing in one of the boxes.

But it seems to be Evolution’s development, so you can relax, guys checked out, great slot. They say Coin Flip in 888 casino often on the drum, but have already got to Cash Hunt. Today, many Crazy Time casinos are ready to offer this slot in their assortment.

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During this bonus round, players are presented with a coin that has red and blue sides. Two multipliers will then show up, representing the red and blue sides. You may get the red or blue prize depending on the side on which the coin lands. You will not believe that the multiplier could go as high as 5000x. Crazy Time Live is highly interactive with great payout potential, as its multipliers can increase to 20,000x. Other innovative bonus features to look out for include the Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time.

  • You can play slots, table games, live casino, bingo, poker, and more at maza247.
  • Smart money management is crucial when playing Crazy Time.
  • The spins are the number of times the wheel has been spun.
  • Players show excitement and desire to get the highest multiplier possible.

Suppose the features are occurring more frequently than every 6 spins. In this case, it would be advantageous to structure your bets around the bonus segments, aiming for bets every 3 to 4 spins or according to the current average. This approach maximises the potential for triggering one and allows you to raise the stakes slightly if the odds look to be in your favour.

how to play crazy time casino

This choice has monumental importance and can be the difference between success and failure. Remember to modify your bet to maintain the session going as long as possible. Using a high-volatility approach with a small balance is extremely hazardous. One is to provide a Malay language version of the site, for those who’d prefer not to use the English one. Letting bettors use MYR directly, rather than needing to convert to another currency, is also useful, as is providing Malaysia-friendly payment options like GrabPay.

Don’t miss out on your chance to experience the sheer excitement and craziness of Crazy Time. If the flipper stops on Coin Flip then this bonus game is activated. 2 Multipliers appear, one in a red circle and one in a blue. If you have placed a bet on Coin Flip, you may choose one side of the coin. A mechanical arm throws a coin and if your choice of color ends face up, your bet on Coin Flip is multiplied.

A live dealer hosts the CrazyTime Live game, interacting with players to provide them with an authentic casino experience. Imagine a cross between Connect 4 and pinball – that’s what you’ve got with Pachinko. The host drops a ball onto a grid, which bounces its way towards the bottom as gravity takes effect.

Evolution recently launched Cash or Crash, Playtech recently launched Money Drop Live. New companies such as OnAir Entertainment will also undoubtedly launch new Game Shows. The coin flip bonus can produce some relatively low wins.

  • To play the game, the user is required to fix the bet, after which the leader starts the rotation of the wheel.
  • In today’s mobile-driven world, it is important that the tracker you choose is accessible from any device.
  • The wheel-based game quickly became a player favourite, with recent wins of 12,500X sparking widespread interest and creating huge winners.
  • If the puck lands on the DOUBLE, the presenter will drop the puck again and whichever multiplier your puck lands on, it will be doubled.
  • While it’s certainly riskier than other strategies out there, you can rest assured knowing that potential wins will be significantly larger.
  • If the flipper stops on Cash Hunt, this bonus game is activated.
  • In this mini game, your bet can be multiplied by 2 times up to 100 times.

When playing a game of chance, the most important thing that the player pays attention to is the statistical results obtained after collecting big data. Generally speaking, players don’t have the tools and energy to perform data collection on their own. In addition, Crazy Time is a 24-hour non-stop real-time online casino game. No one will deliberately take turns monitoring and recording all game results. By providing valuable insights into the game, a Crazy Time tracker can help players make better betting decisions, increasing their chances of winning. There is no need to download the application itself, because it is available online.

Spin history serves as a log of the game’s results, offering players a chance to analyze patterns, albeit random, and adjust their betting strategies. The choice ultimately depends on the player’s understanding of the game and their risk appetite. If there’s one thing that Evolution Gaming does well, it’s taking live casino games where they’ve never gone before. That’s what they’ve done with Crazy Time, a new live game show with lots of interesting features. Finally, it’s important to have a strategy when playing Crazy Time. This can be as simple as focusing on the sections with the highest payouts or betting on multiple sections to increase your chances of winning.

On the other hand, if you’re seeking a quick profit, a high-volatility approach may be more suitable. Evolution Gaming has expanded its operations to all corners of the globe, thanks to its reputation and the ever-growing interest of players. They are particularly prevalent in Sliema , Amsterdam , Kesklinna , London , Norrmalm etc. You can gamble on one or numerous cells, with the capacity to adjust the bet amount for each of them. Moreover, there are an abundance of bonus sectors with customary multipliers such as x1 – 21, x2 – 14, x5 – 7 and x10 – 4 that appear more often than usual.

Once you are in, place your bet on the outcome of the spinning wheel. You can bet on the base game or any of the four extra rounds. The game is hosted by a live dealer, and the results of each spin are determined by a physical wheel. All casinos offer good conditions and bonuses that will interest players. It is possible to play Crazy Time casino USA on legal resources.


Be forewarned, this is the most worrisome strategy compared to the option above, but the payoff is much higher. The desire to play the demo version of Crazy Time slot arises among newcomers and experienced casino players. Crazy Time Live Casino offers players the chance to win big prizes with multipliers up to 25,000x. The game has a high payout rate, making it more attractive to players. In addition, the game also offers several bonuses, such as the Cash Hunt bonus, which provides players with even bigger winnings. Many online casinos offer bonuses for players who play Crazy Time Live, especially for new players.

Whatever multiplier is reached at the end of this round applies to the player’s bet. Depending on which position the puck falls into, the winnings of the participant vary. In Crazy Time Pachinko there is a double coefficient and if the puck hits it, then the participant doubles You winnings. The player is offered 108 multipliers, which instantly turn into various symbols. The participant’s task is to guess the symbol with the highest possible odds and win it.

More recently studios were launched in three US states, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan. We have found that Crazy Time is the most popular online casino game show in the world and player numbers are continuing to grow. Player numbers peak in the evening hours and the most popular day is generally on Friday. It shows the number of winnings and the amount that the players managed to win over the last 100 spins.

In it, you can hone your skills without spending your bankroll and understand if the developed strategy for making money works. A straightforward process allowing users to search “CrazyTime Live” in the app store to download like any other mobile app. Once installed, users can log in to their existing accounts or create an account for new users. It starts with the presenter dropping the puck into the pachinko wall, which bounces off the pegs till it reaches a prize zone. Always keep your bankroll in check, as it can be easy to get carried away when playing an exciting and rewarding game such as Crazy Time.

  • It also features mini-games such as Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Crazy Time, and Pachinko.
  • We have found that Crazy Time is the most popular online casino game show in the world and player numbers are continuing to grow.
  • You will always be aware of the best deals for playing Crazy Time game free.
  • The chances of the bonus games falling out are 16% – that is 9/54.
  • Other innovative bonus features to look out for include the Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time.
  • Your goal is to predict where the wheel will stop, placing your bets before the wheel is spun.

This would mean that anything over 8x during the awarded bonus is a profit. This strategy requires you to place a bet on all 4 bonus segments, let’s say with a starting bet of £0.50 each, so a total bet of £2. Once you’ve placed a bet, Autoplay allows you to repeat the selected bet for a set number of rounds of play. To start Autoplay, you must place your chances in the betting grid and click on the ‘Autoplay’ button.

  • In this bonus feature, your game screen displays a colossal shooting gallery with 108 random multipliers that can go as high as 75x your wager.
  • Spin history serves as a log of the game’s results, offering players a chance to analyze patterns, albeit random, and adjust their betting strategies.
  • With this strategy, all segments must be bet equally small amounts.
  • The thing is, 45 out of 54 field sections are all number bets.
  • Dream Catcher- Evolution’s Crazy Time casino game concept has been heavily borrowed from the Dream Catcher.
  • Games of all shapes and sizes run hot and cold, so we suggest that you use the history tab on the game and look at the last 60 spins of the wheel.
  • Coin Flip is another bonus game located in the same room as the other bonus games.
  • This algorithm eliminates the interference of third parties or data manipulation.
  • On top of this, you can watch video clips of the action and even view the game live in all its glory.

Is an exciting and dynamic live casino game that is easy to play and suitable for players of all levels. By understanding the easy rules, 8 betting options, and 4 bonus games, players can increase their chances of success and have even more fun while playing. The availability of online casinos has also contributed to the popularity of Crazy Time in the Philippines. Oh, and don’t forget to follow the tips and tricks we’ve outlined in this article. Crazy Time is a live casino game developed by Evolution Gaming. It’s a game of luck where players bet on where a spinning wheel will land, with the aim of winning big payouts.

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Here are some frequently asked questions to help you grasp the essential aspects of this exciting live casino game. Easy to Play – Despite all of the bonus features and extras, this game is super easy to play. All you have to do is place your bets and let the game host do the rest.

The Crazytime round is one of the most exciting bonus features. Before the round begins, players are required to select between a green, blue, or yellow flapper. You will get your prize depending on the position the wheel stops.

The bonus game is filled with surprises, and the potential prizes are much higher than the base game. If the wheel lands on one of the segments you’ve bet on, you will win a prize depending on the value of the segment. If the wheel lands on a multiplier, all bets will remain in place, and the multiplier will be applied on the next spin.

If it’s a double, all multipliers are doubled, and another puck is thrown down. Crazy Time, the exhilarating online casino game was developed by Evolution Gaming, a leading provider of live casino solutions. Evolution Gaming has earned a stellar reputation in the gaming industry for its innovative and high-quality game shows. Established in 2006, the company has focused on revolutionizing the live casino experience by delivering immersive and engaging games.

When playing Crazy Time, it’s important to place your bets wisely. Don’t just place your bets on random sections of the wheel. Instead, take some time to study the payouts and the odds of each section with Crazy Time Tracker. This will give you a better idea of where to place your bets. Therefore, an excellent Crazy Time Tracker can help players count game results.

The Eurobet Welcome Bonus allows players to get up to €1000 in bonus funds when they make their first deposit. Eurobet Casino also has a Reload Bonus, which gives players the chance to receive additional bonuses on future deposits. Eurobet also offers Random Bonuses and Comp Points that can be exchanged for cash or other rewards. Eurobet Casino also offers a variety of other gambling options such as slots, table games, live dealer rooms, sports betting, and more. At Eurobet Casino, you can discover an endless selection of thrilling casino games such as slots, classic table games and live dealer titles.

We suggest that you cover a total of 3 bonus rounds, and two of the numbered values. Alternatively, if the average is above 6 then it would be wise to hold off for as long as you can and then place bets on each bonus segment. Apart from the record in March 2021, there are other major winning stories. For instance, in early 2022, a player made a killing in theCrazy Time Evolution.

If a bonus hasn’t occurred during say the last 10 spins, then there is a greater chance it will hit in the next spins. So timing your bets and modifying your stake accordingly could be the winning factor in thus game . Crazy Time is a Wheel of Fortune style game, played in a live studio on a big wheel.

It will be applied with the corresponding bet, increasing your win or multiplier in any bonus round. There are also double and triple segments on the wheel. If your pointer lands on those, the multiplier values will be upgraded, and the host will spin the wheel again. You can win up to 2,000x your stake during this feature. ProsConsSimply aesthetic pleasure – the croupier Crazy Time is a professional in his field. Dealers communicate in the most popular language in the world – English, so many viewers will understand their speech.

The game doesn’t require any preliminary preparation or mathematical calculation of probabilities. It is simple and at the same time gambling, understandable and incredibly exciting. At that time Evolution Gaming only offered Live Gaming content, they didn’t own any ‘RNG’ content, more commonly known as slots.

This makes the game accessible to players of all levels. That is, stay consistent with the bet we choose, and when not getting our score for many spins, try to increase the Bet itself. Obviously always by gambling responsibly, and with a bet allowing to proceed at least for other 100 spins. This is a classic game of “Heads or Tails,” but here, it’s Red or Blue.

  • This means that anything that will exceed 8x with the bonus awarded is a profit.
  • Pachinko games always focus on an object being dropped down a wall spaced with physical pegs, with its final resting place determining the outcome.
  • Evolution Gaming have to be licensed by the UK gambling commission.
  • The Free Spins Bonus is also available twice on the wheel, just like the Cash Hunt.
  • Opt in & deposit £10, £25 or £50 within 7 days & further 7 days to wager cash stakes 35x to unlock reward (£50 on 2 deposits).
  • Like all casino games, you’re not going to win every time you play Crazy Time, but with the right approach, you can certainly increase your chances.
  • Today Crazy Time big win can be studied in the statistics section.
  • The church has maintained that it is not a party to the case, and should not be implicated.

Companies set minimum and maximum sizes for deposits and withdrawals of real money. Therefore, all customers need to familiarize themselves with the features of each provider before starting the game. Play responsibly knowing that gambling with casino games can cause pathological addiction. The client needs to place a bet on one or more sectors and wait for the results of the rotation of the reel.

You just need to choose the right casino, create an account, deposit, and earn money. If the wheel lands on a chance or community chest card, users are taken to a virtual Monopoly board to earn prizes and multipliers. Bonus funds are 121% up to £300 and separate to Cash funds. Bonus funds must be used within 30 days, otherwise any unused shall be removed.

I play Crazy Time all the time, I work as a driver, and the fact that the game runs great on the phone really helps to pass the time. You can get your Crazy Time first deposit bonus, as well as additional bonuses for being active in the game. The bet size ranges from 0.10 cents to 5000 pounds, which will appeal to both small and large players. Evolution Gaming is a legit operator, so you don’t have to worry about rigged games.

These are reliable sites where the audience of Crazy Time wheel USA players is gathered. Many experienced players have already been able to hit the big jackpot in this game on these sites. There are a lot of resources on the market, but most of all they play through Roobet, 365bet, and Leovegas. Today the game play Crazy Time UK has a large audience and many lucky winners. Therefore, players are recommended to try their hand at this slot. You will find a purple vertical wall with 16 boxes at the bottom.

This information is crucial in determining whether you are following the right plan and if any adjustments need to be made. Head on over to the exclusive Crazy Time calculator, input what you’d like to bet on and our unique tool will tell you what your chances are of winning. As we know there are a total of 8 possibilities that you can bet on. They are of course 1, 2, 5, 10, and the 4 bonus rounds.

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